Philips Hue lighting system

Philips Hue lighting system Introducing the Philips Hue lighting system. It is a highly customisable and wireless system that responds to your every illuminating need. 1. Functionality Instead of having to fumble around with manual switches to turn on specific

Partner Appreciation 2019

Partner Appreciation 2019 We are proud to announce that Fireshot is now 5 years old. Our founding anniversary remains upcoming on 1st December 2019. To celebrate the support we enjoy from our partners, Fireshot will invest in a series of

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things We offer 3 lines of products: Enterprise Laptop Procurement, WiFi services and ‘the Internet of Things.’  Intuitively, this name suggests the inter-connectivity of devices. In the case of Fireshot, it goes deeper than that. Hence, we

An Intern’s take

An Intern’s take In one sentence, my internship at Fireshot has been a hands-on learning experience under expert guidance with endless opportunities to explore. Hands-on Learning I started as a wide-eyed Sociology and Psychology student with a head full of

More than Tech – Conrad Lim

More than Tech – Conrad Lim “There is no greater weapon than a prepared mind.” – Zhu Ge Liang  In this writer’s humble opinion, Conrad Lim is someone who lives and breathes this quote. He is a senior lawyer specializing


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