An Intern’s take

In one sentence, my internship at Fireshot has been a hands-on learning experience under expert guidance with endless opportunities to explore.

Hands-on Learning

I started as a wide-eyed Sociology and Psychology student with a head full of theories and a pocket free of money. I left the internship having learnt more than I had ever expected to learn.

Prior to this internship, I had never picked up an electric screwdriver and let alone assembled anything bigger than my hand.

6 months into the program and I, under the tutelage of a veteran supervisor, had put this together from the wheels up.

A month after that, I was taught how to install an Access Point. Here I am enjoying the challenge, and the final product.

It is probably noteworthy to mention that I have neither had any prior experience in the IT industry nor an affinity with expensive, fragile objects.

Of course, hands-on learning in the Fireshot context is not just restricted to hardware installation. It also encompasses the development of soft skills and intellectually stimulating work. For example, I was entrusted with liaising with our valued clients and partners and crafting articles for the company blog almost right from the get-go.

As to be expected, this was not always smooth sailing. Along the way, I certainly made my own share of mistakes. However, it was all made easier by the presence of a supportive circle of mentors. In line with Fireshot’s mission, there were always people around to lend a helping hand. Therefore, it was always hands-on learning under

Expert Guidance.

In Fireshot, mentorship is not merely 1-1. Much like how it takes a whole village to raise a child, it takes the whole Fireshot team to teach an intern. The Fireshot environment is unique in that even people at the very top of our leadership are willing to guide an intern.

Geoff, our Regional Director, was always available to offer expert advice in any area of the business. His expertise extended from IT to journalism and even to web search optimization.

I was also given the opportunity to tag along to meetings with our clients and partners. All of which allowed me to gain a truer understanding of our work, which helped me in producing articles that were more grounded in context.

Endless Opportunities to Explore

Work is never routine at Fireshot. I could be liaising with contractors for the first half day of the day and working on a document or speaking to clients for the second half of the day. Work here is dynamic and because of that, there is never a dull day.

An integral reason for the job’s dynamic nature was that I also had plenty of opportunities to interact with clients of various backgrounds. Since much of our success with establishing a solid customer base was a result of word-of-mouth recommendations between family, friends and acquaintances, our clients come from all over the country with their own unique stories to share.

In conclusion, Fireshot Pte Ltd is the ideal place for any university student who wishes to have hands-on learning in a nurturing environment. If you wish to be a Fireshot Intern for 2020, please send your cover letter to


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