Get Fast, Stable WiFi In Your Property

Fireshot Design Studio will specify and Fireshot Implementation shall deliver an end-to-end solution covering:

Seemless WiFi in all
areas using a single

Peace of mind that this network
is going to work well with little
need for your attention

Continuous updates and
improvements to your network, using
remote access and configuration

Ensured privacy and security,
knowing that not even our
engineers can access your data

At Fireshot, we deliver both service and products, which together will serve and support your family into the future. We listen to what you want to achieve, and we adapt our Design of your IT network to suit your use case.

Retrofit your current home?

We can improve the situation in your current home without the need for disruptive renovation by

a) replacing the outdated networking equipment, and
b) simplifying the configuration.

Things to remember when choosing a WiFi network:


Fireshot is an IT consultancy that specializes in helping individuals & businesses with their Wifi, PC & Smart Home needs.