Philips Hue lighting system

Introducing the Philips Hue lighting system.

It is a highly customisable and wireless system that responds to your every illuminating need.

1. Functionality

Instead of having to fumble around with manual switches to turn on specific lights,

You tap just one button to activate a scene.

Creating scenes allows you to customize the brightness and colour of every single connected bulb.

Instead of being forced to choose either a harsh white light or complete darkness, you have the luxury of both dimming your lights and setting the colours.

For a “watching television” scene, for example, you could have warm yellow lights at the side tables while still retaining brighter overhead lights. This will both reduce your eye strain and set a relaxing ambience.

You can create as many scenes as you want.

2. Control/ automation

You don’t even have to use switches if you don’t wish to.

The lights can be controlled through 3 other ways…

  • An app
  • sensors

This motion sensor detects and automatically switches on the light when a person enters the room.

  • timing

You can program specific lights to go on at particular timings. For example, you can configure your tableside lamp to function like a sunrise alarm clock by gradually and automatically increasing in brightness from 7:00 am onwards..

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