Suffering from Slow Office WiFi?

Your small business is becoming medium size and the 100+ strong team are complaining about poor WiFi experience while at the office. They report that the WiFi is faster when working from home. Your speedtest results are lagging below 35Mbps* with louder complaints from staff between 1pm and 5pm, caused by internet peak traffic across the country.  

Your monthly cost of 100 staff has risen to in excess of $500,000 but your ISP and WiFi investment is a rounding error in comparison. Inefficient WiFi has a direct impact on the value staff leading to a decline in deliverables. Offices with over 60 pax – note that bandwidth is split amongst all people.

Worth noting, a 10X increase in monthly WiFi costs is still a rounding error compared to overall salaries but the investment will dramatically improve your throughput, HR output, team moral, with knock-on effects onto KPIs like retention rate and overall growth.

“Our Internet was so slow that even while using basic Slack Functions, load times would be a minimum of 30 seconds, leading to a massive drop in productivity.” –

Why is this happening?


100 people sharing a single 1,000 Mb connection offers just 10Mb per user. Whereas when at home staff can receive over 250 Mbps. Fireshot recognises that addressing this imbalance is urgent. Investing in a 10Gb fibre connection can be managed by Fireshot very smoothly, bringing lighting fast results to your office WiFi.

Hardware IT Backbone

Equally, your legacy IT equipment is likely not matched to a fast connection. No sense in investing in more bandwidth if the router and switch cannot handle the volume of request from so many users at the same time. Fireshot’s WiFi Design shall assure the speed and reliability of your enterprise IT network backbone and WiFi layer.

Call to action

Have you outgrown your starter Internet package? Is 50% of monthly salaries being wasted waiting for the WiFi to load? It’s time to invest in a better ISP and a professional maintenance service to allow the quality of your IT backbone to catch up to the quality of your people. There are a few factors at play in offering a proposal, please schedule an introductory consultation with Fireshot and we will invest our time to understand and diagnose your primary issues.


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