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Invest in KNX as a tactic in your Strategy to target net zero greenhouse gases

The most reliable, secure standard for commercial Building Management System (residentially, Home Automation) is guarded by the Technical Board of the KNX Association, a not for profit organisation headquartered in Brussels since 1999.

The KNX Association is motivated by safety, simplicity, security and interoperability.

As the Client investing into your net Zero carbon neutral business (or energy efficient smart home) you can rest assured that you can combine products from over 500 approved manufacturers. This means that decisions you make now in your Design will not lock you in or hold you back in the future. Your KNX Installer can continue to update and change products as they are invented and improved.

Similarly, there are more than 75,000 qualified Installer partners around the world who can support your home if you want to change your supplier. Begin your KNX journey with Fireshot safe in the knowledge that we will be working hard to retain your trust and support for the next decade or more.

Sign up below to begin with a complimentary consultation – our way of paying it forward. We offer our Design worldwide no matter where your location and will help to introduce you to available partners in 164 countries. We will help you to consider tactics like:

  • light harvesting
  • responsive buildings
  • aircon adjustments based on presence
  • blinds, curtains and other window coverings
  • automatic doors
  • schedules and routines
  • real time energy monitoring

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