In this series, we interview our clients to find what makes them tick, how they found success; They identify what they are searching for and how you can help them to find it. If you are inspired by what you read, the greatest compliment you can pay is to reach out to our clients directly. Their contact details are on the bottom of each article.

It is impossible not to like Stephanie. We had arranged to meet on a Friday at 2pm at a coffeeshop. Like clockwork, she gracefully walks in earlier than the agreed upon time, buys a coffee, gives us warm handshakes and was instantly ready to share her story. She is Stephanie Houben, a Business and Life Coach at Willow Psychological Services Pte Ltd and she is so clearly passionate about her job. When asked about her daily work, she excitedly shares,

“Coaching is not therapy, it is also not simply a process that makes people feel better (though it most certainly does that). Coaching challenges people, requires them to take responsibility for themselves and necessitates accountability. It is personal, meaningful work that achieves results because it involves the whole person as the authority in his or her own life and work.”

She dedicates herself to a single mission: help SMEs and Expat spouses start, grow and scale their business through coaching and empowerment.

Like all entrepreneurs, she is no stranger to failure. With a chuckle, she recalls her own setbacks when she started out herself.

“Everything went wrong; nothing worked. But, what can I do? Then some people came and said ‘ok, you did everything wrong. But can you teach people how to do this?’ And I said ‘ok! Why not? In the meantime, I had learnt how to do these things.”

Just then, the perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of the prestigious German Chamber of Commerce. They were running a business case competition and were looking out for inspiring mentors. Stephanie eagerly signed on and therein began a decade-long career in Business and Life coaching. She had discovered her true passion: coaching. “Seeing the glow in their eyes and the growth of their personality as these budding entrepreneurs grew their businesses” was a reward in itself.

On top of working with SMEs and Solopreneurs, she also runs workshops for Expat spouses here in Singapore. She seeks to unlock their potential and aid them in re-building their identities. This can come in the form of starting or running a business or professional orientation. The key is not to give solutions wholesale but to keep asking them ‘why’ and to provide new perspectives. In doing so, clients grow and become newly empowered. Perhaps poetically so, her laptop then empowers her to coach in more efficient ways.

Prior to starting work, she had also purchased one other laptop from Fireshot, the Lenovo L570. At that point of time, it had been sufficient. It could execute basic functions and came without a hefty price tag. However, after she began her work as a coach, she quickly discovered that it was no longer enough.

“I have so much ideas. I’m having a delegation from Germany to come over in October, I want to do a workshop, I want to set up online courses and so on and so on. It’s getting more and more but the laptop was getting slower and slower and slower. It was then that I decided that I needed a new one.”

Since her job requires her to work on-the-go, involves a lot of administration and also Online meetings via Skype and Zoom, she needed a laptop that was portable yet powerful and stable.

With these needs in mind, our director, Geoff Hughes, specified the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon.

She is extremely satisfied with her new X1 Carbon and to this writer’s delight, highly recommends Fireshot for its’ tailored concierge service.

With a hearty laugh, she says, “I think at the beginning, I ignored him (Geoff) a bit because he wanted to recommend me a very good Lenovo…(but) I should have bought the X1 from the beginning because it offered better stuff. But I said no, I wanted the simple stuff. But I am certain now that I have bought the right laptop. Geoff was always helping me with everything, with the delivery. It was amazing. I like the service and would really recommend it to anyone.”

A laptop that meets one’s expectations cannot be emphasized enough. In Stephanie’s case, it allows her to continually excel in her work as a coach by inspiring individuals to “overcome self-doubt, build their own business and sell their first product.” If you would like to find out more or engage her for Life and Business coaching services, please contact her at +65 8157 0277 or

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