Singapore Real Estate is expensive and even a discerning art collector like Mrs Chandran has only so many walls on which to display her collection. Enter Katherine de los Reyes from Imagimax who’s concept drawing – so beautifully realised by Architology and Fireshot – allows multiple pieces of art in one extremely elegant space.

Lindy Lee’s iconic piece “Being swallowed by the Milkyway” is featured on a sliding door. Imaginatively broken in half by Steve from Fireshot, Mrs Chandran can slide the doors open to reveal a second layer of artwork – her Dawn Ng digital artworks on the OLED display.

In this beautiful home the elegance of this piece is in its specification and construction. Terrence and his construction team from Architology added layers of raw silk supplied by Noor from Jim Thompson. Mrs Chandran hand picked the fabric to compliment her vision of twinkling stars upon the night sky.

The stars were made possible by 100 optical fibres, carefully sewn through the silk by Estre Engineering to illuminate the bronze within Lindy Lee’s galaxy. No detail has been left overlooked with museum quality lighting from Arco installed by Domus using Lutron controllers and touch panels. Beyond form, the cabinet conceals function: for karaoke; Netflix; for video conference: Brio webcam; and of course BlueSound audiophile quality audio which integrates with the rest of her home.

Not just a home to 2 masterpieces from the art world, but a masterpiece of passionate collaboration between Mrs Chandran and Fireshot made possible by unparalleled cooperation between so many specialised partners.

The team executed brilliantly“, continues Mrs Chandran, the piece is exactly as I had imagined it all those months earlier.

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