One of the greatest pleasures and challenges of working with homeowners is that each profile is unique. No two homes are the same and correspondingly, no two homeowners have the same needs.

Why Fireshot?

By combining specific technologies, we design comprehensive solutions for our clients to suit their daily needs and routines. Over the course of these few months, we have had the distinct privilege of serving one such client in Greenwood Bukit Timah. Working alongside Architects from a_co, we were tasked with 2 key domains: WiFi and Audio. In true Fireshot fashion, we endeavoured to do it in a manner that was both neat and elegant.

Enterprise-level WiFi

At the heart of this mission was the installation of a server rack to hold the USG and the UniFi Switch that powers all the access points in the home.

There are 3 key benefits to installing a UniFi Switch:

  1. Ease of management – The server can be accessed from anywhere in the world and in a very targeted manner. For instance, in the case of a malfunction, support staff can access the single port that is connected to the AP and restart that one port as opposed to having to reboot the entire system. Additionally, this can be done remotely from the office. In the long run, this significantly reduces the time and cost needed for maintenance.
  2. Security – It is enterprise level hardware that is supported by a global team of experts. Updates are done so wirelessly and vulnerabilities are continually fixed through security patches.
  3. Longevity – The design lasts for at least 10 years, possibly even 25 years. This is about as long as a Certificate of Entitlement for a car but at a mere fraction of the price.


With a solid foundation of WiFi in place, we then worked to seamlessly integrate an Audio system. After multiple discussions with our client and the designers from a_co, we devised an Audio solution that met the specific needs of each room.

Entertainment area

The living room was designed to be the main entertainment area. As it was a spacious room, we opted to fit it with a 65″ Samsung LED TV. For that extra ‘oomph’ effect when watching action-packed movies like The Avengers Endgame, we first paired it with a Sonos Playbar and a Sonos SUB. The Sonos Playbar produces 5.1 surround sound across the room while the Sonos Sub emits powerful, deep bass. To create an even more immersive cinematic experience, we then added 10 Klipsch ceiling speakers. They are flush with the ceiling and give a very wide dispersion of audio that no other type of speaker can provide.

Family Room

We then mounted a 43″ Samsung LED TV and a simple Sonos Beam in the smaller family room.

The Sonos Beam is both half the length and price of the Playbar, making it wallet-friendly and perfect for intimate rooms. It also comes with voice services: Google Assistant and Alexa . Just by using voice commands, you can connect to music apps like Spotify, Google Play Music and Youtube Music.

Other Rooms

For non-entertainment rooms, we installed entry-level Sonos ONEs. The beauty of doing so is that these speakers can be programmed to create a seamless audio transition as the user moves from room to room.

The bathrooms and outdoor areas were not exempt. For those areas, we mounted ceiling speakers and connected them via Sonos Connect: Amp, which brings us back once again to the heart of our WiFi and Audio solution…

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