WiFi Design Fees < 3BR

Paying for high speed internet from your ISP and not getting ideal upload & download speeds? Having poor signal and high latency in certain areas of your property?

Fireshot’s WiFi Design helps you understand key issues and provides an implementable layout plan for the best possible wireless connectivity in your property.

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Solution Design by Director for: Wired and Wireless IT networks including ISP selection (UniFi)

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You are purchasing our simple remote Design service in which Fireshot will determine the best placement for your Wireless Access Points and mark these and up to 10 LAN data points onto your floorplans.

Within 1 business day of receiving the floorplans to your home / office we will reply to you with:

  1. Placement for your Wireless Access Points
  2. Schematic Diagram (Single Line Diagram) showing how each device connects
  3. Quote (Bill of Materials) required for your Project

Please be ready to send us a single page floorplan showing your HDB or Condo with up to 3 bedrooms.

The downloadable pack you receive shall contain:

This markup represents the accuracy of our plans for your WiFi Design

This example shows the clarity with which we will explain the recommended products in our solution design

This is a snippet from the Bill of Materials. The total budget is shown at the end of the list


the recommended placement of Wireless Access Points marked up upon the floorplans you send us contain our professional markup upon your floorplans

The normal price for this service is $650. Please note the special terms for this sale:

  • This Firesale is for a limited time. By purchasing this digital product you agree:
  • Please understand that we will not be able to speak to you by phone or whatsapp at this low price.
  • Our service will be delivered and considered completed within 1 business day of receiving your floorplans.
  • No other service or follow-is included. If you prefer a more comprehensive or personalised service please request an updated quote.
  • E&O applies
  • No liability can be assumed for errors or omissions
  • You agree to hold Fireshot harmless in the event of any loss.
  • This is a simple Design for a single floor HDB or Condo with up to 3 bedrooms
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Residential (2BR), Residential (3 BR)


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