5 Reasons your Wi-Fi internet speed is slow​

Rapid, reliable Wi-Fi is a non-negotiable in our fast-paced world of 24/7 connectivity. When your internet speed is slow, it can really impact your work and home life. If, like me, you’ve attempted (and failed) to remedy internet speed woes with quick fixes like mesh, you’re not alone! It can all be incredibly frustrating and confusing.
Luckily, Fireshot is an IT consultancy in Singapore that specialises in helping individuals and businesses with their Wi-Fi, PC and Smart Home needs. We sat down with GEOFF HUGHES, Fireshot regional director, and he talked us through the five key reasons your internet speed is slow and what you can do about it. Simply upgrading your plan with your service provider won’t make a difference unless you address these key concerns.

#1 Extenders and Mesh​

Mesh is the number one internet villain. It’s sold widely as a quick and cheap fix, and attempts to use Wi-Fi to solve poor Wi-Fi issues. By boosting power, mesh tries to use brute force to penetrate walls and other interference. Doing so usurps available radio bandwidth, interrupting the conversation between the router and your device. The result? You’ll have slow, unstable and interrupted Wi-Fi throughout your property. Nightmare!

Good Wi-Fi works by reserving all the available radio bandwidth to send web pages and emails from the internet to your laptop, phone or tablet wirelessly. The best way to make your internet speed strong and reliable is to lay cables to your Wi-Fi access points. If you have thick walls in a larger house you may also need more sophisticated techniques (like running concealed wires) to eradicate any remaining black spots.

Fireshot prefers not to compromise. It recommends high-quality, effective solutions. Fireshot clients want the best system to fit their needs, and are happy to pay for a slightly more expensive option. They can then rest easy knowing their system won’t let them down.

#2 Disorganised equipment storage

Fireshot visits many clients to provide Wi-Fi design services, and in almost every home it finds that the electrical cupboard is a messy jumble of cables with no IT rack. Cables and equipment are the backbone of your internet supply, and if they’re not installed and organised properly you’ll experience intermittent downtime and slow internet speed. Fireshot gets a kick out of designing neat storage solutions that closet geeks can admire every time their techie friends come around. A well-ordered set-up brings customers peace of mind. Technical precision is important, but so is creating an aesthetically pleasing space.

#3 Low-quality routers

Your router needs to be able to process entire websites and large attachments in microseconds if you want a fast low latency connection. But we’re not always logical consumers and many people accept the free routers handed out by telecommunication companies, which are produced in bulk at S$1 a piece. In this case, the old adage rings true, “What’s the value of free? Zero.” A low-quality router may be the culprit for your slow, patchy internet.

You should be using a router that exceeds your supply. Fireshot likes to recommend sexy high-end equipment that remains relatively affordable (around S$1000+).

#4 Poorly configured Wi-Fi​

There’s nothing better than being able to roam freely around your house on your phone with flawless, fast internet speed and connection. This isn’t achieved by boosting power in every room to 100%. In fact, that’s a major cause of the problem. To really get the feel of each home, Fireshot visits on multiple occasions and tweaks the signal to arrive at Wi-Fi perfection. Visits take time and result in a higher budget, but you get what you pay for. Once you’ve invested in equipment, it’s counterintuitive to quit halfway. It’s worth paying for thoughtful configuration to get the most value from your service.

#5 Lack of retained support​

You know how it goes: you have a work deadline and suddenly your Wi-Fi has dropped out. Or, at the end of a busy week, your family is chilling out, streaming movies and gaming, and the system can’t handle it. It’s human nature only to fix something when it’s broken, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid it happening at all? Failure to update software regularly can derail your service. It’s helpful to think about Wi-Fi like air-conditioning – it’s an essential part of daily life in Singapore. You wouldn’t dream of skipping the monthly air-conditioning service, so you should give your Wi-Fi the same attention. Wi-Fi is an ongoing service, but most people only get a service once every two years. With kids, helpers and relatives in your home, things can change. Consider retaining a team for an annual fee to look after your IT and Smart Home needs, leaving you free to travel and enjoy a relaxing home lifestyle. Fireshot can be on hand during business hours to pop over to fix any critical issues, and also work remotely to provide firmware and security updates. That way you’ll have a system running smoothly and up to industry standard.

Fireshot loves creating stunning Smart Homes​

Fireshot provides an excellent raft of IT services and products such as laptop and desktop sales, CCTV installation and luxury smart tech sales – think home cinema, smart lights, curtains, air-conditioning and audio. No mesh in sight! And if you’re moving house or doing a renovation, Fireshot can work seamlessly with your interior designer to curate a killer Smart Home.

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Fireshot is an IT consultancy that specializes in helping individuals & businesses with their Wifi, PC & Smart Home needs.