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NTU recruitment Management Associate Programme (MAP)

As an associate working with the Director of IT Network Design, you will be involved in the entire process, from pitching to the client to designing to installation to configuration, of Fireshot’s ongoing projects at the time. Fireshot has multiple ongoing projects at one time; you will get to visit and work at these various GCB homes and also Corporate offices. There will be normal days at the office, but you are guaranteed to have a balance of site visits and office work which will make coming to work more exciting!

Benefits of the programme

become an effective communicator and team player -gain insight into running and growing a small business -proficient in setting up and configuring components of an IT rack -proficient in setting up and configuring speaker systems (with ceiling speakers, sound bars, and AMPs) -proficient in configuring smart lighting (Philips HUE)

Eligibility criteria of the programme

Fireshot offers a paid work experience to qualifying undergraduates. We ask for 5 days a week, includes half day on the weekend and 4.5 days during the week; with 2 days off each week for your own admin (studies gaming etc). Qualifying means willing to learn hard work and enjoy yourself.

Application period – Aug to Dec 2020 Programme duration – 12 Months

Any overseas opportunity? – No

Types of rotation: IT Design, Project Management, Sales, Research, Installation experience

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